21st Century Global Challenges

In 2011, the Centenary faculty developed and approved an inquiry and action framework organized around three complex, global challenges of the 21st century. Commitment to meaningful engagement of these challenges through coursework, service opportunities, and intercultural experiences will position Centenary graduates to engage these challenges and lead in a changing world.

Global Challenges

Meaningful Life

Our challenge is to identify and live intentionally our deeply held values, ideals, and beliefs while respecting the values and beliefs of others. By approaching the world with an open mind, we search for meaning and purpose. We must explore our passions, question assumptions, and strive toward our potential so as to help others live their potential as well.

Expanding Circles

Our challenge is to expand our circle to promote respectful engagement with a broader world. In the 21st century, not everyone shares the same values or experiences, and conflict exists. Through exploration and discussion of our differences, we must work to create the common ground necessary to build peaceful, just, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Sustainable Life

Our challenge is to develop sustainable lifestyles and appreciate the natural environment in ways that do not compromise the capacity of future generations to satisfy their needs. We must learn how to live a sustainable life, work to devise solutions to problems that use our planet's resources wisely, and create sustainable, just, and compassionate systems

"We believe integrative learning and applying that learning are necessities for our students."
- Centenary Faculty