Draft Mission Statement

Approved by the Planning Committee 18 October 2000.


At Centenary College of Louisiana, students and faculty strive to work together to build a community focused on ethical and intellectual development, respect and concern for human and spiritual values, and the joy of creativity and discovery.

To that end, the curriculum at this selective institution boasts innovative undergraduate programs and a limited number of graduate programs in the humanities, the natural sciences, the visual and performing arts, and the social sciences. Rooted in the liberal arts, this curriculum, together with an array of co-curricular opportunities, strengthens the foundation for the students' personal growth and professional goals.

Consistent with the traditions of the United Methodist Church, the College is a community of teachers and learners committed to developing the whole person by encouraging a lifelong dedication not only to learning but also to serving others. It further strives to overcome ignorance and intolerance; to examine ideas critically; to provide an understanding of the forces that have influenced the past, drive the present, and shape the future; and to cultivate integrity, intellectual and moral courage, responsibility, fairness, and compassion.

In pursuit of these ideals, the College will consistently challenge its students to write and speak clearly; to read, listen, and think critically, to comprehend, interpret, and synthesize ideas; to analyze information qualitatively and quantitatively; to appreciate the diversity of human cultures; to value artistic expression, to recognize the importance of a healthy mind and body; and to understand the interdependence of people and the environment.

The Centenary community through its academic and co-curricular programs supports students in their development and encourages them to become leaders in the work place, the community, the nation, and the world at large.

Last revised 19 October 2000

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