Museum Management

Museum Management Program

Our Museum Management program prepares students for graduate programs in museum or arts administration, careers in archives, private galleries, or auction houses, and museum work ranging from exhibition design to education. Students enrolled in the program forge connections through hands-on internships at local museums, including the nationally accredited Meadows Museum of Art on our campus. A student may substitute up to 4 hours of Independent Study in any department, subject to the approval of the Museum Management advisor, for research and work on some aspect of museum studies or collections management.


A student may major in any area and take the following courses:

ART 201: Issues in Public Art and Architecture
ART 306S: Modern and Contemporary Art
COMM 216: Introduction to Professional Communication
The combined equivalent of two years of study in foreign language(s).
BUS 321W: Principles of Management
MUSM 400: Museum Internship (an internship with the Meadows Museum or relevant collection)

Total: 7 courses 24 hours minimum