Ed Leuck

Warters Chair of Biology
Professor of Biology
B.S. Michigan State University, 1973
M.S. University of Oklahoma, 1975
Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 1980

Mickle Hall 216


BIOL 101, Principles and Methods of Biology—every fall

Introduction to major biological phenomena and methods used to study them. Topics include evolutionary processes, cell structure and function, genetic and ecological principles, and diversity of life. Students will learn to apply the scientific method to the study of the above topics.

BIOL 303, Ecology—every fall

The study of relationships and interactions of living organisms with their environment at the individual, community and ecosystem levels of organization. Laboratory exercises are designed to reinforce concepts presented in lecture.

BIOL 308W, Microbiology—every spring

A survey of microorganisms and their role in nature. The importance of bacteria, fungi, and viruses as agents of disease will be considered. The laboratory will emphasize bacterial and fungal form, function, culture and control.

BIOL 412S. Conservation and Environmental Biology—every spring

Study of environmental problems and how they relate to the conservation of genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Will include a historical perspective of past problems as well as the investigation of current problems and possible remediation, with input from the areas of population biology, community ecology, economics, and biogeography. The laboratory portion of this course will consist of field trips.