Clinical Practice Information

Unlike any other time during the teacher preparation process, clinical practice - that is student teaching or internship - is the time for a teacher education candidate to apply fully his or her acquired knowledge, including theory and content, to the classroom. The information provided here is meant to assist and support our student teachers and interns in this process.

The Clinical Practice Handbook 2014-2015 provides an overview of the important guidelines, policies and information for the clinical practice experience. We hope it will be a helpful source of answers to questions about Centenary’s clinical practice program. Please read the handbook before the clinical practice experience begins and keep it handy as a reference if questions should arise.

Application to Enroll in Clinical Practice

To enroll in clinical practice, please click here for the application.


Arleen Hague, M.Ed.
Supervisor of Clinical Practice

Dominic Salinas, Ed.D.
Department Director

Sharon Little, Ph.D.
Lecturer & Assessment Coordinator