Icon Rationale

Centenary Education Logo

The above icon, the open book with maroon orb, graphically represents the conceptual framework of Centenary College’s Professional Teacher Education Unit. In a color scheme of black, white, and maroon to provide consistency with all of Centenary College of Louisiana, the figure, layout, and text contained in this icon specifically focus on the Department of Education. The following describes in detail the rationale behind this particular icon.

The image of the open book signifies not only the importance of education as an academic study (Pedagogy & Content Knowledge) but also the idea of the lifelong pursuit of knowledge (Inquiry). The maroon orb above the book embodies several “interpretations” as well. First, the orb suggests a human physical trait: the head of a child reading, the head of a student studying, the head of an educator preparing and reflecting, and/or the head of a parent collaborating. Second, the orb evokes in its circular creation, the world. Thus, the orb brings the actions of education to a larger audience (Community). Third, the orb leads the viewer – with its coloring – to also envision the Sun, bringing to mind the connection between the Sun and the Earth, as a life-generating force. As an extension, the analogy is made for education, generating knowledge for the student, for the educator, for the parent, and for the community. Fourth, the maroon book binding and maroon orb also suggests a celebratory human being with arms raised. Finally, the placement of the icon, coming out of the box, also calls to mind action as the icon is seen rising out of the box (much like the aforementioned Sun). Consequently, even the placement of the icon emphasizes the action of education and learning.

The icon rests on the foundation of our four essential elements. Centenary’s Department of Education provides such a foundation for its candidates by encouraging, addressing, and incorporating the development of community, inquiry, pedagogy, and content knowledge. The main goal of the program is to prepare a DEDICATED EDUCATOR which underscores the foundation provided by the four themes. We believe that dedicated educators strive to meet the needs of not only their students, but also the professional and personal needs of themselves.