Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Centenary College of Louisiana Department of Education (CDOE) is to prepare competent, caring and knowledgeable educators who have the pedagogical skills, content knowledge, community passion and inquiring minds necessary to be Dedicated Educators. To accomplish this, the Department encourages candidates to inquire about and question their own practices, as well as what they read in courses and observe in classrooms. Candidates, through course work and field placements, develop a variety of research-based instructional and assessment strategies they can utilize and augment for years to come. The CDOE also focuses on the importance of building a caring and collaborative classroom culture. To accomplish this, the Department engages faculty who are skilled in modeling an atmosphere of collaboration, as well as being educators who care enough to take time to know the candidates on a personal basis.

Embracing a caring and collaborative atmosphere includes a faculty willing to help candidates navigate the M.A.T. and certification process, as well as allow them to question the world of teaching. Faculty care about the candidates and are ready to help them sort through questions they have about teaching and the teaching profession. Candidates are supported and encouraged to explore both elementary and secondary level teaching in order to find their “best fit” for professional fulfillment. Centenary’s Department of Education, as does Centenary College of Louisiana, “supports students in their development and encourages them to become leaders in the work place, the community, the nation, and the world at large”.