What we commonly call “English” is actually a collection of disciplines: it’s the study of the language itself; of literature written in the English language; of the critical approaches to that literature; of the cultures that produce, read, and reproduce that literature; of popular culture and film; and of the craft of fine writing and the techniques of communication. As a synthetic discipline, English borrows readily from other disciplines, especially from those in the humanities and social sciences, but increasingly from the natural sciences as well.

In Centenary’s English Department, these various dimensions of English studies are reflected in our three concentrations: (1) literature; (2) creative writing; (3) film and cultural studies. In addition, students may opt to develop individualized curricula in consultation with their advisors. For more detail, see the English section of the college catalogue.

All English majors at Centenary take a common core of courses designed to provide an extensive literary background as well as practice in writing about literature and culture. For these courses we use common texts, a practice that both reduces the total cost of our students’ books and guarantees a shared set of resources.

The English faculty are teachers whose research interests span the range of our course offerings. All are active scholars; several are publishing writers; all teach courses from the introductory through the advanced levels.

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