News and Accolades for English Faculty

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Highways of the Mind now available on iTunes

Dr. Jeanne Hamming's co-authored iBook, Highways of the Mind is now available on iTunes. Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press, the project explores the history of the interstate highway system and its transformative impact on the physical and cultural landscapes of America. Beginning with the 1939 New York World’s Fair and tracing the development of America’s automotive culture, Highways of the Mind combines multimedia features—vintage film, images, and an interactive glossary—with original, scholarly content to provide new insight into the figure of the superhighway as a metaphor for social progress through technology.

Publisher's Description: Stories of the open road have a powerful sway over our imagination, particularly in America, where the vast web of interstate highways transformed the national identity as well as the national landscape. Sometimes seen as the harbinger of a golden future, other times as the conduit of a dehumanized dystopia, the highway reflects some of our most potent fantasies as well as our deepest anxieties about modernity, ecology, commerce, and individuality. In a work rich in embedded multimedia, Helen J. Burgess and Jeanne Hamming look at cultural and media representations of the highway in planning documents, industrial films, corporate ephemera, and science fiction narratives to explore how these stories of the road have reconfigured how we think about ourselves and our world. 'Highways of the Mind' shows how the stories we tell about the highway—whether in the service of national pride, corporate advertising, urban planning, or apocalyptic warnings—determine how we imagine, or fail to imagine, the possibilities for human action in built environments.

Dr. Earle Labor publishes London Biography

Jack London: An American Life by Professor Emeritus Earle Labor has been published by Farrar, Straus and Griroux. In the words of the reviewer for Booklist, "Labor’s unceasingly vivid, often outright astonishing biography vibrantly chronicles London’s exceptionally daring and wildly contradictory life and recovers and reassesses his complete oeuvre, including many powerful, long-neglected works of compassionate, eyewitness nonfiction. Let the Jack London revival begin.” See the publisher's page.

Listen here to an interview with Dr. Labor on NPR's All Things Considered.

Dr. David Havird publishes collection of poems

Map Home, a collection of 37 poems, by Professor David Havird has been published by Texas Review Press. You can read on the Web an excerpt from Map Home, a selection of six poems set in Greece, at Mediterranean Poetry. Dr. Havird has two poems forthcoming in the fall 2013 issue of the Sewanee Review. His essay review of The Complete Poems of James Dickey appears in the online James Dickey Newsletter; his article "'Passion Before We Die': James Dickey and Keats" was printed in the spring 2013 issue of the Southern Literary Journal. Dickey was the 1992-93 recipient of Centenary's John William Corrington Award for Literary Excellence. Dr. Havird was a featured author at the 2013 Louisiana Book Festival in November.

Dr. George Newtown's essay receives special recognition

George Newtown's essay, "Goofy," was selected for workshopping at the Mayborn Nonfiction Conference and appears in the 2014 issue of Ten Spurs, put out by North Texas University. More recently, Dr. Newtown's personal essay, "Et in Arcadia" was selected to appear in the Spring, 2014 issue of J Journal.

Bill Corrington's works return to print

Books by the late John William Corrington, the 1956 Centenary alumnus memorialized by the English Department's annual John William Corrington Award for Literary Excellence, are becoming available again in print and as ebooks thanks to Joyce Corrington, the author's wife and collaborator on screenplays, teleplays, and a series of mystery novels set in New Orleans. During his lifetime Corrington received a National Endowment for the Arts Award in Fiction and saw his short stories included in such prestigious venues as the O. Henry Award Stories (1976) and the Best American Short Stories series (1973, 1976 and 1977). Find more information here.