The department offers co-curricular educational opportunities while encouraging majors to become thoroughly involved on campus. Student media groups provide creative outlets and chances for publication and professional development. Visiting scholars and authors provide exciting events for English majors and non-majors alike.

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Attaway Fellows

The Attaway professorships attract to campus public figures who make distinctive contributions to the intellectual life of students as well as the members of our wider community. These visiting scholars present themselves not as academics who occasionally have public roles, but as full-time public intellectuals and gifted communicators whose foremost interest is civic culture.

These professorships combine the advantages of guest speakers and internship programs as they provide brief residencies as the fellows interact personally with students and the community. Like internships, the Attaway professors play a mentoring role that encourages students to engage in similar intellectual endeavors. As guest speakers, the Attaway professors bring to campus perspectives that are often underrepresented in the academy.

Jack London Research Center

Research Center

Established in 1991 with the financial support of Centenary alumnus and trustee Samuel P. Peters and with the substantial donations of memorabilia and archival materials from London's great-nephew Milo Shepard, the Jack London Research Center has attracted scholars not only from the United States (including the President of the Jack London Society) but also from abroad (including the President of the Jack London Society of Japan). Centenary's goal is to make this the world's largest repository for secondary materials: critical and biographical works related to America's greatest world author. These materials are available to Centenary students, several of whom have published articles about Jack London in international journals.

Scholarships and Awards

Centenary College offers a rich variety of awards and scholarships to English majors, starting with our first-year students. For example, the P.B. Lindsey Award is given to that freshman English major who has demonstrated distinctive promise in creative writing; similarly, the Audrey M. Smith Endowed Poetry Award grants $500 to the full-time first-year student who has submitted the most impressive work (as judged by the English Department) in our annual poetry contest. Senior English majors are eligible for such prestigious awards as the M.T. Brewerton English Award, given to our most outstanding graduating senior, and the Sigma Tau Delta Award, presented to that senior who has been the outstanding leader in this literary honor society.

Substantial financial support for English majors is available from several sources, including the Thomas Edward, Esther Horton, and Steven Thomas Victory Scholarship (for the outstanding freshman student), the Clarence Coon Scholarship (especially for students interested in pursuing a career in communications and journalism), and the Joseph B. Bramlette Endowed Scholarship (for meritorious English majors at all levels).

Student Media

The Conglomerate

Weekly Campus Newspaper

English majors are encouraged to write for Centenary's weekly newspaper, which offers avenues to learn newspaper production and gain substantial practice in journalistic writing.

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Film Society

Monthly meetings and discussions featuring new films from all over the world offer opportunities for students to broaden their cultural perspectives.

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KSCL 93.1 FM

Student Radio

English majors can expand their broadcast communication experience on Centenary's own student radio station. They can also serve as news editor or find other writing opportunities like producing announcements or themed radio shows.

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Fine Arts Magazine

Centenary's Fine Arts publication features literary, musical, and visual art pieces from students, faculty, staff, and alumni. English students often submit work and serve as Pandora staff who annually review and vote on works featured in this highly regarded publication.

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English majors can reach outside the departmental offerings and use skills such as photography and other forms of visual creativity with Yoncopin, the college yearbook.