English Requirements

The English major is designed to help students arrange their knowledge of literature within critical, cultural, and historical contexts, and may choose from three concentrations: Literary Studies, Creative Writing, or Film and Cultural Studies. Students may also design individualized curricula. In close consultation with advisors, students who major in English select from a core set of courses designed to offer a strong foundation in the discipline:

102: Introduction to Literature (ideally taken during the first year)
278: Literary Theory and Cultural Criticism (ideally taken during the second year)
322: British Literary Traditions (ideally taken during the second or third year)
323: American Literary Traditions (ideally taken during the second or third year)
473: Senior Seminar (to be taken during fall of the fourth year)

Students will also select courses appropriate to their concentration from a range of offerings that include courses in writing, film, cultural studies, literary history, studies in genre, theory and criticism, and special topics.

Students may also elect to minor in English or take English courses to satisfy college core requirements.

More detailed information concerning program requirements can be found in the catalogue.


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