Gender Studies Minor

The Gender Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students think critically about the complex relationship between gender and sexuality and the diverse facets of everyday life. The program, coupled with any of the Centenary majors, provides a solid foundation for either graduate school or for a variety of careers.

Students undertaking this minor examine how gender and sexual ideologies, practices, and politics impact their own lives, intimate and family relationships, art and literature, the creation of knowledge, and economic opportunities, as well as large scale social institutions like education, government, and religion. To facilitate this broad examination, Gender Studies minors take classes from a variety of academic disciplines and professors.

In addition to classes, students also develop independent studies that allow them to focus on a gender or sexual issue that they find particularly interesting. For example, students have received credit for independent research on reproductive rights, media images of masculinity/femininity, gender dynamics in literature, and the politics of homosexuality. Students are encouraged to do internship-based research projects that enable them to explore, through direct experience, various topics of interest.

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