The most important decisions in life shouldn’t be left to chance, habit, or mere belief. Philosophers desire to know. We try to figure out what’s really right and wrong, what science can tell us and what it can’t, whether computers can think, whether non-human animals can speak, and what, if anything, makes life worthwhile. While struggling with these questions, philosophers hone the skills necessary to succeed.

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    Greg Ewing, 2014
    Recipient of the Cox Scholarship

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    Michael Naquin, 2013
    Recipient of the Cox Scholarship

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    Class of 2012

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    Ashley Jackson ('11) hugs Plato

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At Centenary, philosophy majors can combine their passions to chart their own path. Recent graduates have double majors in business, biology, and English, and gone on to medical school, law school, to work for a major accounting firm, to travel the world as a photographer and English teacher, and gone into business for themselves. With the Forum, Centenary offers students the unique opportunity to participate personally in the discussion with internationally known experts and community leaders.


August Term 2016

Fall 2016:

Spring 2017

  • Phil/Biol 212: Bioethics
  • Phil 302: The Enlightenment (Ciocchetti)

May Term 2017

  • Phil 292: Haiti (Ciocchetti)

Fall 2017

Major, Minor, and Honors

Students are different and so the philosophy major offers students a great deal of flexibility. They should work with their advisor to design a course of study that suits him or her.

Major Requirements

At least eight courses totaling at least 30 hours including Phil 202: Ethics or Phil 212: Bioethics, Phil 301: Plato and Aristotle, and Phil 302: the Enlightenment.

Minor Requirements

At least five courses totaling at least 18 hours including Phil 301: Plato and Aristotle and Phil 302: the Enlightenment.

Departmental Honors in Philosophy

  1. Admission to Departmental Honors program.
  2. Graduation from Centenary with major in Philosophy.
  3. A grade point average of at least 3.25 in both major and overall course work.
  4. Completion of an independently researched Senior Honors thesis, presentation of the Senior Honors thesis at the Student
    Research Forum or other suitable venue, and an oral defense of thesis.

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