Small Assignments

Students are expected to do the reading for the day before class and analyze it so we can discuss it and answer questions. This will be assessed through a series of small assignments. These can be graded or credit/no credit. These assignments will take different forms depending on the material. Students might be given a passage and asked to explain it in the context of the reading. Students might be given a short reading quiz at the beginning of class. Students might be asked to select the most important passage and justify their decision. The only guiding principle is that these assignments will be short and aimed a being sure that students have basic understanding of the material. Assignments will be posted on webpage.

Short Essays

The students will write six essays of 750-1000 words each. The students and professor will determine the topic of each essay at the beginning of the section. These essays will provide clear and accurate exposition of the arguments in the relevant texts and an application of those ideas to a contemporary issue and/or an evaluation of the arguments offered.

The essay should be emailed to me as a PDF.

Long Essay

Building on the shorter essays, the students will write one 4000-5000 word essay. This essay will provide a compressive exposition of the arguments on a particular topic or theme though out the course. The arguments will be applied to a contemporary issue or evaluated. Due at the end of the regularly scheduled final exam period.

The essay should be emailed to me as a PDF.

The assignments will be worth:

  1. Small Assignments: 20%
  2. Short Essays: (10% each) 60%
  3. Long Essay: 20%