Small Assignments and Participation

Students are expected to do the reading for the day before class and analyze it so we can discuss it and answer questions. They are expected to be active participants in class showing both that they have completed the reading and thought about what it means.

Students will also complete a series of small assignments. These will include short journal-style entries reflecting on the themes we read about. They will share what they write or find in class. Most class periods.

Short Essays

The students will write six essays of 750-1000 words each. Each essay will focus on one of the themes from the course. Students will need to to describe the argument offered with textual support for their interpretation. They will use an example to make the idea clear and distinguish from related ideas.

The essay should be emailed to me as a PDF.

Long Essay

What does it take to live a successful life? Building on the shorter essays, the students will write one 2000-3000 word essay answering this question. The paper will address the themes of the course, integrate arguments from the course including textual support for their interpretations, and address counter-arguments for alternate positions. Due at the end of the regularly scheduled final exam period.

The essay should be emailed to me as a PDF.

The assignments will be worth:

  1. Small Assignments: 20%
  2. Short Essays: (10% each) 60%
  3. Long Essay: 20%