Philosophy 301: Plato and Aristotle (2016)

Let no one hesitate to study philosophy while young, and let no one tire of it when old, for it is never too soon nor too late to devote oneself to the well-being of the soul.
—Diogenes Laertius


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You can find the necessary books in a number of formats. You will need:

  1. Plato, Charmides
  2. Plato Laches
  3. Plato, Symposium
  4. Plato, The Republic
  5. Plato, Lysis
  6. Plato, Meno
  7. Plato, Euthyphro
  8. Plato, Apology
  9. Plato, Crito
  10. Plato, Phaedo
  11. Aristotle, Ethics
  12. Aristotle, Politics
  13. Aristotle, Poetics
  14. Epictetus, The Art of Living