Social and Political Philosophy: Assignments

Active Participation: Students will complete a short summary of the day's reading and email it to me everyday. Email them to with "Notecard" as the subject line. Students will arrive prepared to discuss the material and participate in class discussion.

Notetaker: Twice each student will be the notetaker for the class. He or she takes notes, on the next day of class, shares copies of his or her notes and present the ideas to the class. This will be graded on clarity, usefulness (e.g., highlighting important points in an easy-to-grasp way), completeness, and professionalism (e.g., it looks professional, not sloppy).

Tests: Students will take three in-class essay tests. No books. No notes. No internet. No communication with other people. These tests will graded on clarity, accuracy, precision, and the ability to isolate the relevant line of argument.

Evaluation and Discussion: Three evaluations are required for this course. Each evaluation should identify a single line of argument in one or several of the pieces that we read in a section. Describe and evaluate the argument. It should be a correctly named PDF. The document should be in MLA format and be between 1000-1500 words. This is due by 11am on the Evaluation and Discussion Day.

Come to class prepared to make a brief, 5-10 minute presentation of your ideas.

The assignments will be worth:

  1. Active Participation: 5%.
  2. Notetaker: 5%
  3. Tests: 60%
  4. Evaluations and Discussions: 30%