Psychology Department

Overview and Goals

Psychology is the study of thought, action, and emotion in humans and in nonhuman animals. The Department offers a broad range of courses that encourage students to critically analyze why individuals think, act, and feel in the ways they do. Students majoring in psychology often plan to pursue further education in graduate school in psychology or related disciplines, but others use this education as a springboard into medical school, law school, occupational-therapy school, physical-therapy school, or business.

A fundamental goal of the Department is to familiarize students with the various techniques used in modern social-science research; toward this aim, the Department offers laboratory resources to facilitate the generation of student-managed research projects. Many students engage in individualized inquires into topics of personal interest. This exploration frequently results in research collaboration with faculty members.

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Opportunities for students

The Department seeks to provide a variety of opportunities for students to learn about psychology. Students can join faculty in research projects, or faculty will work with students who want to complete their own projects. Internship opportunities are available with several area institutions, including the LSU medical center.

Our Psychology Club and Psi Chi chapter, the national honor society in psychology, organizes student activities, including movie nights, practice GRE sessions, and informational meetings about graduate schools and career opportunities. We also have a paid research assistancehip position within the department to professionally-relevant experience.


Laboratories are available for a variety of research work. Behavioral labs are equipped with one-way mirrors, video taping and editing equipment, computers, and physiological response measures. One of our labs houses an eyetracking device for conducting visual search studies. There are also two dedicated computer labs equipped for conducting a variety of research studies.