DA2: Dr. Amy's Dating Advice

Dr. Amy's Dating Advice has run in Centenary's student-run newspaper, The Conglomerate and has been on 91.3 FM KSCL Centenary College Radio.

Please send email a dating or relationship question.

Who is Dr. Amy?

Dr. Amy Hammond is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Centenary College of Louisiana. While she has a Ph.D. in psychology1 from the University of Chicago, she not that kind of psychologist. She's always happy to hand out advice, whether you asked or not, but she is not a trained, licensed clinical psychologist.

1 Unlike some well-known advice-giving Dr.s

What makes her so smart about dating?

Dr. Amy had her first Real Date in 1982, which means she's been dating longer than most Centenary students have been alive. She will not reveal just how many people she has dated, but let’s say “a lot” and leave it at that. She's made just about every dating mistake known to humankind, has survived, and wants to help you avoid the same blunders. She's also had some successful, healthy, fun relationships, so it's not all bad news! Her advice comes from her own personal experiences and the advice of other smart people she's encountered along the way.

Some of my favorite dating/relationship advice websites are:

Breakup Girl.net is Lynn Harris's brilliantly-written, searchable archive of dating do's and don't's from her alter ego, Breakup Girl. She provides compassionate, sensible advice. Just like I hope I do.

Savage Love is Dan Savage's straightforward sex and relationship advice column. Warning: This is an adult-content site. Mr. Savage talks about sex honestly, graphically, and frequently uses language some might find offensive. If you might, don't go to his site.

While she does not generally offer dating advice, Miss Manners provides outstanding advice on being excruciatingly polite in an increasingly less polite world.

Why should I listen to Dr. Amy’s advice?

Honestly, you probably shouldn’t. Dr. Amy offers her advice principally as entertainment and you should not substitute her advice for your own good judgment. But, if you want a second (or third, or fourth) opinion on your dating and relationship life, just ask.


The advice and opinions offered by Dr. Amy's Dating Advice are not those of Centenary College of Louisiana. If you or a friend are currently experiencing emotional distress and feel you need to talk with a real mental health professional, please contact the Centenary College Counseling Center or another trained mental health professional.