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Inky, the toilet-trained cat

This was my cat, Inky. I trained him to use the toilet instead of a litter box. I did it using the things I learned as a psychology major.

If I can do this with a cat, imagine what you could do with your roommate!

Or your partner!

Or your parents!

Inky (summer 1991-Aug 9, 2010)

My new kitties

These are my new adopted cats, Bosco & Sissy. They were from the same litter living under my house and one day when I left the back door open and they wandered in, I just shut it. And now they are my cats.

They've also been toilet-trained. No litterbox! Yay!

Bosco & Sissy


I'm an occassional (and very bad) triathlete. This picture is me in my first race in Chicago in 2004.

I'm usually quite bad about getting myself out for those workouts, so feel free to drag me out for a run or a swim!

Sprint time: 1:36:02