We are a small department dedicated, like Durkheim, to "the study of society and its constituents" (i.e. individuals and organizations).

If you are thinking of majoring or minoring in sociology, take a look at the course specifications in our catalogue. Wondering what you can do with a sociology major? Take a look at some career listings.

Students of sociology acquire facility in the development of social thought, the research techniques used to explain the way the social world works, and applications of sociological knowledge to solve social problems. Majoring in sociology prepares students for:

  1. Competent research and study in graduate programs.
  2. Admission to graduate study in professional degree and certification programs, such as social work, law, counseling, clinical sociology, clinically-oriented styles of ministry, occupational therapy, law enforcement, and other service-oriented professions.
  3. Bachelor-level practice in a variety of socially-oriented helping professions including social work, counseling, religious work, certain adjunct therapies, and juvenile and adult corrections.
  4. Skillful and innovative performance in private business enterprise and public service.

This department has a decidedly applied service orientation. Students are provided with a solid grounding in the various liberal arts and in the social scientific approach to understanding the world. They are encouraged and guided to use their knowledge and expertise to make the world a better place for all.

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