Course Materials for Spanish Classes


Spanish 101Elementary Spanish (Section A & B)
Spanish 201 Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 211 Intermediate Conversation Lab
Spanish 305 Advanced Spanish Grammar & Conversation Skills
Spanish 307 Advanced Composition

Spanish 308 Latin American Film
Spanish 310 Latin American Theatre
Spanish 311 Advanced Conversation Lab
Spanish 315 Latino Literature: Mexican American Lit. and Culture
Spanish 316 Latin American Short Story: Studies of Representation
Spanish 317 Latin American Culture: Regional Study


Spanish 102 Elementary Spanish
Spanish 102 section CElementary Spanish
Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 212 Intermediate Conversation Lab
Spanish 307 Adv. Composition
Spanish 312 Advanced Spanish Conversation Lab
Spanish 316 Latin American Short Story
Spanish 317Latin American Culture: Regional Study
Spanish 396 Special Topics in Culture and Literature
Spanish 416 Latin American Novels
Spanish 417 Literature of the Spanish Golden Age
Spanish 422 Latin American Literature: 1492-1880
Spanish 423 20th Century Latin American Literature

Course Materials: