Dual Enrollment

The Admission Committee encourages high school students to enroll in a challenging curriculum. High school students participating in dual-enrollment, joint-enrollment, or concurrent enrollment programs with a local college or university may be eligible to transfer earned credit to Centenary, using the following criteria:

  1. The course(s) must be similar in content to course(s) offered by Centenary;

  2. A class grade of "C" or better must be earned;

  3. Dual enrollment credit must be earned after the student completes the sophomore year of high school through an articulated agreement between the transcripting college and high school whereby the student has satisfied the state's minimum college admissions criteria, exluding "Open Admission;"

  4. The college courses must be from an institution whose curriculum is consistent with the liberal arts tradition and must be equivalent to existing Centenary courses taught in academic disciplines offered at Centenary;

  5. No more than two (2) classes per semester will be accepted and a maximum of 24 total hours of dual-enrollment, joint-enrollment, or concurrent enrollment credits can transfer. These 24 hours are included in the maximum of 40 hours of non-traditional credits entering freshmen can earn toward a Centenary degree prior to matriculation;

  6. Foreign language courses offered at Centenary cannot be transferred by dual enrollment. Centenary has placement exams to determine the awarding of credit for French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Credit for these courses, thus, will not reduce the 24 maximum limit for a student;

  7. An official transcript from the college must be submitted to Centenary, indicating all courses attempted and grades received.

Decisions on transferring credit for dual-enrollment, joint-enrollment, or concurrent enrollment programs rest solely with Centenary College and will be considered final upon matriculation.

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