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Frequently Asked Questions

Discovering Centenary College

When can I visit campus?

Centenary offers campus visits throughout the year, 11am and 2pm Monday through Friday, and by appointment on Saturdays during the academic year. We encourage all interested students to schedule an appointment at least a week in advance. Our staff will contact you with information regarding schedule and interests for the visit.

We encourage all students to visit at their convenience; however, our best Centenary experience is when classes are in session. You may come for a day visit or if you would like to schedule an overnight stay (Mon.-Thurs.), one of our students will host you for the night, and we will put you in a class of your interest and give you an opportunity to talk with faculty in your area of study, as well as provide a campus tour and information session.

Another great time to visit our campus and meet faculty, staff, and students is at an open house.

Admission Procedures

How does Centenary evaluate my application?

To reach admission decisions, Centenary evaluates all candidates through a holistic process, which includes considering strength of curriculum and core grade point average, standardized testing, a written essay, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. Students selected are those whose applications show the cooperation of academic excellence and extracurricular involvement that is at the heart of a Centenary education.

For more information on core courses, please visit our core requirements site.

What should I score on my ACT/SAT for admittance to Centenary?

While we require a standardized test as part of the application process, there is no prescribed minimum score for admission. The middle 50% of Centenary students scored between a 21 and 28 on the ACT, and between a 1080 and 1280 on the SAT. Centenary uses the highest scores submitted for admission and statistical purposes. Centenary super-scores using the highest sub-scores to give you the highest combine score possible.

When is my application due? Is there an application fee?

Specific information regarding our deadline is available at the admission timetable section of the site. Centenary will accept applications past its February 15 deadline; however, we cannot assure that those students will have a place in the incoming class, or that they will be fully considered for financial aid.

We do not charge an application fee.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

How do I apply for financial aid?

Your application for admission will also serve as your merit-based financial aid application. You will still need to fill out the FAFSA to be eligible for scholarships that are not wholly academic or activity-based. For more information on academic and activity-based scholarships, please visit the financial aid section of the site.

What is the FAFSA?

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is a government application for all federal monetary programs, including PELL grants, Stafford Loans, and work-study programs.

Does TOPS apply at Centenary College?

Louisiana's Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) is a comprehensive program of state scholarships and can be applied to your Centenary education. Eligibility is determined by the state. The program is subject to legislative revision and funding issues. Students must be residents of Louisiana.

For more information, please visit the TOPS website.

When do I find out if I am awarded an academic scholarship?

When a student is admitted to the College, the acceptance letter will indicate any academic award money. Students applying for awards from talent-based scholarships from other departments on campus, will be contacted by the respective department.

Students who submit a FAFSA will receive a financial aid package from the College denoting all award money the student will receive (academic scholarships, Louisiana TOPS, talent money, grants, loans, work-study).

Once Admitted

Is there a housing application?

After a student has deposited, he/she will receive an access code to a system accessed via the new student website. After paying an enrollment deposit of $250, students will be granted the opportunity to sign up for housing on the site as well.

For more information on our housing rules, please visit our residence life page.

Will I receive credit for AP or IB courses?

Centenary participates in the Advanced Placement program of the College Entrance Examination Board. Advanced Placement credit will not be given for scores below 3.

Please visit our Advanced Placement Page.