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Sankofa Vision, Inc. & Gardens

Sankofa Vision

Sankofa Vision, Inc. is a community-based organization that exists to celebrate and cultivate the art, culture, and community life of people of African descent. We honor African American heritage as a vital source of wisdom and inspiration for building stronger families and communities. Our programs increase public awareness of the rich history and interconnected traditions of black people in Louisiana, the south, the U.S.A., and throughout the global African Diaspora. This includes - but is not limited to - celebrating and advancing the visual arts and crafts, performing arts, music, literature, cuisine, business, science, and spirituality.

Leia Lewis

Our central work is Sankofa Gardens, an organic community garden and learning campus based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Sankofa Gardens is the site of creative and educational programming designed to unify community, strengthen family bonds, and enhance life skills for prosperity among residents of the Caddo Heights-Linwood area and beyond.

Sankofa Vision, Inc. is the brainchild of Mrs. Leia Lewis Henderson, Director. Leia is a cultural arts worker, organizer, emerging artist, and mother with more than a decade of professional experience in the nonprofit sector. She has managed resources, raised funds, coordinated programs, and organized events for arts and educational organizations of all sizes.

Twin Engines Labs

Twin Engines

Twin Engine Labs specializes in making the impossible come to life on the iOS platform. We offer services in consultation, design, and development. We also create robust APIs that power our apps, as well as build in social integration from the ground up. We have in-house design and engineering talent from all over the region, with a cool environment and process that our team gets to be creative in. Our process ensures that budgets aren't blown and deadlines are met.

Keith Hanson

Keith Hanson is the CEO of Twin Engine Labs, which specializes in assisting entrepreneurs (both in and out of the corporate world) who are creating the next innovative mobile applications. We help our customers fully bake their product ideas into monetizable strategies, utilizing our deep bench of talent in both the design and engineering.

Keith has worked for companies both large and small, and has been writing software before his teenage years. His first program was a jukebox that played the Star Spangled Banner on the internal speaker of an old PC that used actually floppy floppy disks. Resigning the mantle of software hacker and engineer after starting Twin Engine Labs with his identical twin brother, he can now regularly be found in the daylight wearing a shirt with actual buttons on it.

Under his leadership, Twin Engine Labs has flourished and released numerous products for brands large and small, including Cisco, Symantec, OpenTable, O'Reilly Media, and many more.

Martin Luther King Health Center


The Martin Luther King Health Center is a private, non-profit health care center and pharmacy serving the residents of Northwest Louisiana. The Martin Luther King Health Center was founded in 1986 and is the oldest free clinic and pharmacy in Louisiana.

The vision of the Martin Luther King Health Center is to improve the health of our community and the patients we serve; and meet the demand for high quality comprehensive healthcare services in a cost-effective manner by putting our patients first, and by serving them with care and compassion.

The mission of the Martin Luther King Health Center is to extend primary healthcare and pharmacy services at no cost to uninsured patients with chronic illness who otherwise often forgo routine medical care because of a lack of resources.

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