Centenary In Paris

Going to Paris in August 2016? Visit the Office of Global Engagement site for helpful tips on packing, traveling abroad, and much more!

2016 Centenary in Paris dates:
Thursday, August 4th - Saturday, August 13th

Courses available for Centenary in Paris 2016 include:

Art 190 - Bohemian Visions: Avant-Garde Artists in Paris & Shreveport
Cross-Disciplinary Studies 190 - Our Daily Bread: Sustainability in Paris
Cross-Disciplinary Studies 190 - Studying Paris Like a Social Scientist
English 190 - Writing Paris/Writing Home
French 190 - Paris Noir: Black America in the City of Light
History 190 - Historical Sites in Paris
Music 190 - Listening in Paris
Philosophy 190 - Revolutions

Detailed course descriptions are available here.

Experience one of the world's great cities while studying under some of America's best professors.

Start your college experience in Paris, France with your classmates in fall 2016!

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Basketball in Paris

What is Centenary in Paris?

Youíll complete your first college course during Centenaryís August 2016 immersive term, with the 10-day Centenary in Paris segment as the centerpiece. Using all of Paris as a classroom, itís an intensive learning experience that will help you create strong bonds with your classmates and your professors. Youíll also earn four hours of college credit before most other students around the country even get to campus!

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