Centenary In Paris

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Experience one of the world's great cities while studying under some of America's best professors.

Start your college experience in Paris, France with your classmates in fall 2015!

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What is Centenary in Paris?

You’ll complete your first college course during Centenary’s August 2015 immersive term, with the 10-day Centenary in Paris segment as the centerpiece. Using all of Paris as a classroom, it’s an intensive learning experience that will help you create strong bonds with your classmates and your professors. You’ll also earn four hours of college credit before most other students around the country even get to campus!

Learn more in the Centenary in Paris brochure and read what our President, Dr. David Rowe, has to say about his own Centenary in Paris experience.


The Class of 2018 was the first to experience Centenary in Paris - learn about some of their adventures here!


Immersion Courses

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