Prior to making the transition to Centenary, students are expected to take college preparatory and advanced coursework in high school. Most candidates for admission have participated in accelerated academic programs, or have enrolled in additional academic units (when available). Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete a minimum number of units in certain academic subjects:

  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of math (algebra I and II, geometry, or equivalents)
  • 3 units of social science
  • 3 units of natural science (at least two with lab, when available)
  • 2 units of foreign language (in the same language)

First-years may enter Centenary at the start of Fall Semester (August). Transfer students may enter at the beginning of either the Fall Semester (August) or the Spring Semester (January). Admission to Centenary is selective, with applicants being evaluated on strength of academic curriculum, trends in academic grades, standardized test score results (SAT I or ACT), letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, and a personal essay. Priority consideration for admission space and scholarship funding will be given to those students who submit applications by posted deadline dates.

With the exception of early admission applicants, all candidates for admission as full-time students are expected to have graduated from an accredited high school or have received their General Education Diploma (GED) prior to enrollment at Centenary. Applicants without these credentials are required to provide a transcript or thorough listing of subjects covered, and a reading list of texts may be required. The Admission Committee reserves the right to request that these applicants submit additional standardized test scores and participate in a campus interview.

The Admission Committee will only review a 'complete' application, which consists of the following items:

  1. An official high school transcript;
  2. A copy of your SAT I and/or ACT test results sent directly to Centenary, or scores reported on the official high school transcript; Note to Louisiana high school graduates: Centenary will request your seventh semester and final high school transcript from the Board of Regents and the Louisiana Department of Education's Student Transcript System upon receipt of a signed admission application.
  3. At least one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor;
  4. Response to an essay question or graded writing sample.

When all items are received, the student's file is considered "complete" and ready for review. It is the goal of the Admission Office to provide students with an admission decision within two weeks of the file being complete.

Advanced Placement and Other Considerations

Students may also receive Advanced Placement credit towards certain courses at Centenary.

First year students enrolling in the Fall semester, may elect to take summer courses at Centenary or another institution.