Transfer Equivalency Guide

For all of your 'Will this transfer?' questions!

Centenary policy requires that of the 124 minimum required semester credit hours for a degree, at least 60 hours must be earned in residence at Centenary. Therefore, regardless of the number of transferable credits completed elsewhere, to receive a Centenary degree, you will need to earn at least 60 credit hours in residence at Centenary. All students must also complete the Core and TREK Education requirements to earn an undergraduate degree from the Centenary College. These requirements are listed in the College Catalog.

Official college transcripts are required for ALL college-level work attempted, regardless of transferability.

Courses that do NOT transfer to Centenary include the following:

  • Courses below college level (e.g., developmental English, math and reading courses; ESL courses)
  • Vocational-Technical courses
  • Correspondence courses
  • Courses completed at a school that is not regionally-accredited
  • Courses with a grade below a C-minus (Note: Although the course is non-transferable, the grade received below a C- will count towards a studentís admission eligibility.)
  • Credit by examination earned at another college or university
  • For courses not taught at Centenary, free-elective transfer credit may be awarded for appropriate courses completed with a grade of C-minus or better at regionally-accredited colleges or universities that meet Centenaryís academic standards. (Note: Transferable courses for which there is no exact Centenary equivalent are given the course number of 296, 296, 395, or 396)

To see a list of course equivalencies from a particular institution, click the links below

Note: Evaluations of courses not included on these lists may be done by request. Please contact the Re-Enrollment Office for assistance.

Bossier Parish Community College

Kilgore College

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