Global Study

Colton Robey Ė During his time at Aarhus, Denmark

"I am growing and learning more about my own culture. I am developing a more expanded view and more culturally accepting view. Going abroad is seriously an amazing life changing thing that people should take advantage of."

Holly Moore Ė During her time at Lingnan University in Hong Kong

"This experience is valuable to me not only because Iíve been able to experience a new culture, but also because it helps me understand and appreciate my own culture a lot more. Sometimes it takes getting out in new places we arenít familiar with (sometimes itís scary) in order to realize that the various details in our lives have often been taken for granted."

May Modules

In order to enrich Centenary's curriculum, we offer a variety of short courses each May. These courses explore topics of general or specialized interest not normally offered in Centenary's semester and summer courses.

All students must complete one Module for graduation, but an additional Module may be applied towards the hours required for graduation.

Centenary's Module courses literally take place across the globe. Some are offered on campus, whereas others involve study and travel in other institutions and nations. Because of the variety of options available, many students attend Module courses that serve the additional purpose of fulfilling the COMMUNITY and/or the CULTURE requirements of the Trek Experience.

Study Abroad

Students participating in a Centenary exchange program are enrolled both at Centenary and at the partner institution, simplifying the admission, scholarship, and credit transfer process. Interested students must have at least a 2.75 GPA in order to be considered for participation.

Also, check out our Office of Global Engagement.