Alumni Policies & Procedures

Information Release Policy

It is our policy to release your contact information only with your permission. As a rule, if a person contacts our office looking for you, we will inform you of the inquiry and leave it up to you to make return contact with that person. We will not give your address, phone number or email address to any classmate, old friend or any other inquiring person, unless you ask us to do so. The only exception to this rule occurs when trusted alumni chapter officers, volunteers or employees of Centenary College are requesting the information. These individuals are instructed to keep your information private and use it solely for purposes involving the workings of the College.

Class Notes Policies and Procedures

A class note is a personal update made to the College regarding your life and work for your classmates and other fellow alumni to read. These notes are posted on our website and in the alumni newsletter. It is our policy to publish class notes that you approve for publication ahead of time.

You may submit a class note via the Update Us! form found in the upper left hand side of this page or by emailing the alumni office at email. The Office of Alumni Relations reserves the right to edit every submitted class note so long as the pertinent information and meaning are maintained.

Policy for Promoting Non-Centenary Related Events

Periodically, alumni and friends of the College may contact our office and ask our staff to promote events they are involved with in some way. It is our policy to use our mailing lists and email lists to promote events directly related to Centenary College and at the discretion of the Director of Alumni & Family Relations and the Senior Director of Marketing & Communication.

Alumni and friends of the College may feel free to post information about events on our social media pages; however, members of the College staff will not post such items on behalf of our alumni unless deemed appropriate by the Director of Social Media.

Affinity Agreement Selection Policy

The Centenary College Office of Alumni Relations often reviews affinity agreement proposals for services and only selects those that offer high quality products and a commitment to customer service at a price that enables you to save money on services and/or products that may already be included in your personal budget. The companies selected enter a contractual agreement with the College to share a percentage of the revenue in exchange for the opportunity to market their products to the Centenary community. Lists will be used solely to promote the Centenary affinity programs and cannot be sold or given to any other entity.

For more information on any of the Centenary National Alumni Association's services and discounts, contact Saige W. Solomon, Director of Alumni & Family Relations, at email or 318.869.5115.