Refer a Student

Alumni Referral Program

With the highest inquiry-enrollment conversion rate of all lead sources, alumni referrals are a great source of qualified applicants because of your unique understanding of the type of student who would thrive here. Email us at email to refer a student today!

Building a Legacy Program

The Centenary National Alumni Association prides itself on keeping its alumni connected to the College and with one another. The Association also endeavors to expand its reach to all members of its alumni families. Once a member of the Centenary family, always a member, and we want to keep it that way for future generations as well.

Please share information about your children with us so that we can update our records and stay better connected with future Ladies and Gents.

We want your children to know that they hold a special distinction here at Centenary as members of an alumni family. Just complete the Update your information form to make sure we know who your children are!

Centenary Admission Network

The Centenary Admission Network (CAN) is a collaborative effort between the Office of Admission and the Office of Alumni & Family Relations that seeks to actively and effectively engage our alumni in the recruitment efforts of the College.

CAN volunteers assist by:

  • Participating in Open House panels on campus
  • Attending college fairs at high schools in their area
  • Hosting prospective students in their homes
  • Sharing their Centenary experiences with high school students via phone, email or mail.

To participate in the Centenary Admission Network, contact Lauren Carlton in the Office of Admission at 318.869.5748 or email.