Active Duty & Veterans\' Benefits

Continue your education at Centenary College!

Why Centenary?

Study with award-winning faculty at an institution named one of the best colleges in the US year after year!

Your military benefits give you access to a top-notch education, small class sizes, and a caring community on our beautiful campus all within six minutes of the Air Force Base you call home.


Global Strike Command

If you are active duty:

Use your Tuition Assistance Program benefits to attend Centenary Part-time TUITION FREE:
$250 per semester credit hour for up to 16 credit hours per year!
Parking and other mandatory fees are WAIVED!

If you are a post 9/11 Veteran or Dependent:

With the Yellow Ribbon Program, Post-9/11 Veterans and/or their dependents can attend Centenary TUITION FREE.

Other Benefits you can use at Centenary:

Check out some other benefits you can use to attend our great college!

If you have questions about your military benefits that we haven't answered on any of the pages linked above, you can email the Barksdale Education Center at email.

If you have questions about how you can use your benefits at Centenary that we haven't answered, contact our Admission Team at email or 800.234.4448 318.869.5131.

Where are we located?

Under three miles from Barksdale AFB (straight out of west gate until you run into us!)

A - Barksdale   B - Centenary College

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Discount at the Fitness Center

We are also offering a 20% discount at the Centenary Fitness Center for Active Duty Military members:

What you pay with your discount:

Individual: $396/yr. or $36/mo.
Plus $25 initial sign-up fee

Family: $660/yr. or $60/mo.
Plus $50 initial sign-up

For more information or membership forms, please visit the Fitness Center page!

Fit Pool

Fit Pool

Have you decided to use one of your active duty or veteran benefits at Centenary?
Click to apply now, or to visit our Financial Aid page!

For more information contact:
800.234.4448 318.869.5131