The Big Chill

The boiler which services the Hurley and Smith Buildings, Magale Library, Mickle Hall of Science, and Brown Memorial Chapel is offline and will be replaced in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, there will be no heat in these buildings during this time. The Centenary community is coming together to meet this challenge, so stay tuned to this page for updates and information.

Blanket Drive

To the Centenary Family,

Dewey did not beat Truman and All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth was rising on the music charts. Dr. Joe J. Mickle was president of Centenary College, and work began on a new science building that would later bear his name. In that year, 1948, the College also installed a boiler that we now depend on for heating Hurley, Magale, Brown Chapel, Mickle, and Smith. 63 years later, I am sorry to say, that boiler is dead. That boiler was next on our list for replacement as part of Centenary Renewal. We had already solicited bids for work next summer when we could anticipate minimal disruption for the long installation process. But it beat us to the punch...and what a punch it will pack.

With a cold front settling in and finals on their way, I canít imagine a worse time for this to happen. Our facilities staff have been working hard to effect even temporary repairs, but to no avail. The boiler must be replaced, and we have expedited the process. Unfortunately, even an expedited process means these buildings will be without heat until at least January 1st.

Much will depend on the weather, but it is clearly a very dynamic situation, and we are working hard at finding creative and fun ways to make the best of it. My main concern during this time is for the students, faculty, and staff members using the affected buildings from now through the holiday break. There's no doubt that this will be difficult on some of the cold days ahead, but letís put our imaginations to work and quickly create responses that meet the needs of those most affected, especially our students preparing for finals, writing papers and finishing up projects.

Here are the first steps toward finding workable solutions:

  1. Beginning Monday night, the Whited Room in Bynum Commons will be converted to study space. It will be equipped with computers and printers in addition to having tables set up for group study. It is also equipped for WiFi.

  2. The Cafeteria and Centenary Room will also be open during non-meal times this week for study.

  3. The conference rooms in the 2910 Building will also be open after hours for study.

  4. The Call Center in the Wright Building will be open for temporary office space for faculty and staff members who are able to relocate to a warmer building.

  5. Cocoa, tea and coffee stations will find a way into cold buildings and gathering spots to warm insides even if we canít warm the outside.

Dr. Melva Williams is coordinating a campus-wide response. She Ė and all of us working to minimize the disruption this will cause Ė will need to evaluate these efforts and others throughout each day and make changes accordingly. We will adapt as needed. We also covet your ideas. In order to meet your needs, we need your help in getting clear on what your needs are. There are two primary ways Iíd ask you to offer suggestions and potential solutions throughout this week and next.

  1. Please share your ideas here.
  2. You may also email ideas, needs and suggestions to email, and your message will be routed to the appropriate member of the response team.

I appreciate the work of so many on the boiler itself as well as those who have begun working on our response and contingency plans. You'll be hearing from them with additional information in the coming hours and days.There will also be updated information posted on our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter page.

I also appreciate you, your patience, creativity and the solidarity I know you will exhibit as the campus weathers, literally, the Big Chill of 2011.

Take Care,

David Rowe

Contact Information

Melva Turner-Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the College | Office of the Provost
Centenary College of Louisiana
Office: 318-869-5142

Study Spaces

Here is a list of study places in case you get a little cool in Magale or Mickle. Please be reminded that Magale will be open until 2 am tonight and the rest of the week.

Open 24 Hours, Monday - Friday
Friday the SUB will close at midnight and reopen for regular hours during the weekend.
Monday, December 12, the SUB will reopen 24 Hours for the remainder of the week.
FREE COFFEE WILL BE PROVIDED BY SGA (8 am - 10 am, 10 pm - 12 am)!

Open until midnight, Monday - Friday
Will close every Tuesday between 7 pm - 9 pm for a standing meeting
No WiFi but 3 computers

Whited Room
Open 24 Hours, 12/5 - 12/15
6 Computers and a printer have been set up and are available for your use

Study Rooms available 24 Hours
Computers available

Cafeteria & Centenary Room
8 am - 10:30 am, Monday - Friday (weekly)
2 pm - 4 pm, Monday - Friday (weekly)

Space Heater Guidelines

Before you plug in that space heater, check out these safety tips!


  • Turn off all other equipment when using a portable heater. Computers are ok.

  • Clear the heater 3-4 feet away from everything (even walls!)

  • REMEMBER to turn off heater when you leave the room

  • Unplug the heater when you leave for the day

  • Never plug two heaters in same plug or area

  • Make sure heater is rated for 20 amp breaker (no larger)

  • Use heaters with tip-over or overheat protection

  • Do not use an extension cord with a space heater

  • Don't plug into the same power strip as your computer

  • Keep heater away from computer towers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 25,000 residential fires every year are associated with the use of space heaters, causing more than 300 deaths.

If you are unsure about using a space heater or an electrical breaker trips, please contact Facilities immediately at 318.869.5286.