The BIG Event 7

Big Event 7 will be March 29th, 2014

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BIG Event E-Board Applications Now Available for 2013!

Did you enjoy participating in this year's Big Event? Would you like to help plan and coordinate the BIG Event?

Click HERE to download a Big Event Executive Board Member Application.

BIG Event Executive Board 2014

Garrett Whipple Garrett Whipple
Candace Metoyer Candace Metoyer
Assistant Director
Gina Vaca Loyola Gina Vaca Loyola
Media Coordinator
Kunaal Patel Kunaal Patel
Communications Coordinator
Mattie Milner Mattie Milner
Supply Coordinator
Will Rolfe Will Rolfe
Assistant Supply Coordinator
Chantel Lee Chantel Lee
Site Coordinator
Walker Gamble Walker Gamble
Assistant Site Coordinator
Jamillia Stevenson Jamillia Stevenson
General Board
Ninjia Miles Ninjia Miles
General Board
Candace Metoyer Candace Metoyer
General Board Member
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