The BIG Event 8

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The 9th Annual BIG Event will be on March 12th, 2016.

Be on the look out for more BIG Event 9 information coming in 2016!

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BIG Event E-Board Applications Now Available for 2013!

Did you enjoy participating in this year's Big Event? Would you like to help plan and coordinate the BIG Event?

Click HERE to download a Big Event Executive Board Member Application.

Executive Board for BIG Event 2016

Mattie Milner - Director
Brittney Thomas - Assistant Director
D.J. Hicks - Media/Communication Coordinator
Justin Cuteo - Site Supervisor
Katie Hughes - Assistant Site Supervisor
Ayanna Griffin - Volunteer Coordinator
John Vasquez - Supply Coordinator
Alex Bjorling - General Board
Carie Dupree - General Board
Ramanda James - General Board
Darius Swift - General Board
Cathy Tran - General Board