The BIG Event 2008

images from 2008 Big Event

Over 350 students, faculty, and staff participated in the BIG Event 2008 a community service project that reached out to our Highland neighbors. Jobs such as repainting shutters, raking, painting, and cleaning sidewalks were completed during the day, making the 1st BIG Event a huge success!

Centenary Turns Out For BIG Event

More than 300 people help clean up Highland neighborhood.

Their group consisted of only five people, but they had to be one of the most diverse that participated in Centenary College's first BIG Event.

Centenary College senior Megan Ottesen and freshman Meg Shanks teamed up with exchange students Laetitia Caloone, who is French, Maya Trinkjaer, who is Danish, and Vanisa Tang, who is from Hong Kong, to do some yard work on Highland Avenue.

They were among more than 300 people from the private Shreveport school who took part in the community service project Saturday in the city's Highland neighborhood.

People from the community submitted requests to the college for help with household tasks like scraping and repainting shutters, raking, weeding, yard work, picking up trash, cleaning sidewalks, etc.

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