Become a Job Site

We want to help you! If you would like volunteers to help improve your home or would like to have your project considered, please send an email with your full name, telephone, work site address, phone number and services requested to Payton Bannon at email.

Requirements: Must live in Highland community (boundaries are East Kings Highway to Stoner Avenue and Centenary Boulevard to Line Avenue) and requested work must occupy three hours of time.

All projects considered! List of services we can provide:

  • washing windows and shutters
  • outdoor cleaning
  • moving dirt or digging
  • raking leaves
  • trimming hedges/bushes/small trees
  • planting (plants provided by homeowner)
  • weeding
  • moving outdoor furniture
  • replace outdoor lighting
  • prep for painting
  • paint window shutter (paint provided by homeowner)
  • gutter cleaning
  • wood Work cleaning
  • water flowers/shrubs
  • mowing/hedging lawn (tools provided by homeowner)
  • other services (please detail in your email)

Please note that you are only submitting a job REQUEST and all requests must be
approved by The BIG Event Committee.

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