Cynthia Brame

Cynthia Brame
Associate Professor of Biology
B.S., Centre College, 1994
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 1999.

Mickle 206
Curriculum Vitae


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Find out more about research interests in CK1 family of protein kinases

Selected Publications

A Molecular Genetics Laboratory Course Applying Bioinformatics and Cell Biology in the Context of Original Research

Cynthia J. Brame, Wendy M. Pruitt, & Lucy C. Robinson (2008)

Measurement of chronic oxidative and inflammatory stress by quantification of isoketal/levuglandin c-ketoaldehyde protein adducts using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

Sean S Davies, Venkataraman Amarnath, Cynthia J Brame, Olivier Boutaud, & L Jackson Roberts II (2008)

Paxillin phosphorylation sites mapped by mass spectrometry

Donna J. Webb, Melanie J. Schroeder, Cynthia J. Brame, Leanna Whitmore, Jeffrey Shabanowitz, Donald F. Hunt, & A. Rick Horwitz (2005)

Modification of Proteins by Isoketal-containing Oxidized Phospholipids

Cynthia J. Brame, Olivier Boutaud, Sean S. Davies, Tao Yang, John A. Oates, Dan Roden, & L. Jackson Roberts II (2004)


BIOL 204, Cell Biology — every fall

images from BIOL 204

Prerequisites: BIOL 101, CHEM 121/123. Survey of the fundamental principles of the cell including cellular variety, ultrastructure, cellular reproduction, metabolism, cytogenetics, and introduction to molecular biology.

BIOL 313, Genetics — every spring

student doing Genetics research

Prerequisites: BIOL 101, 204; CHEM 121/123, 122/124. The fundamental concepts of heredity with consideration given to both modern and classical genetics. Microorganisms, as well as Drosophila, are used in the laboratory to acquaint the student with the procedures and techniques used by the geneticist.

Take a look at some students' original research posters from this class. These student projects connect to my research interests in CK1 family of protein kinases.

BIOL 405, Advanced Cell Biology — spring of even years

Prerequisites: BIOL 101, 204, 313, and junior or senior standing. Study of cellsí adaptations for living in a social context, with emphasis on cell cycle control and its relationships with extracellular signals. Spring of even-numbered years.

BIOL 395 (Selected Topics), Biology of Cancer — spring of odd years