Your Future with a Biophysics Degree

A group of our students are publishing their research on molecule detection.

The field of biophysics leads students to use interdisciplinary tools to explore how diverse phenomena of mechanics, electricity, magnetism, light, heat, and nuclear radiation impact the structure and function of biological systems.

Learning to solve problems through the use of diverse perspectives is the hallmark of a liberal arts education; as a biophysics major, your insights will be sharpened through your mastery of scientific rigor and inventiveness. Our majors go on to any number of graduate programs and careers, ranging from medical school and PhD programs to law programs, museum work, business, and a variety of interesting work. Where you can take biophysics is limited only by your imagination and drive.

Our Graduates are Succeeding

The Biophysics major at Centenary trains you for careers in the biological sciences, medicine, engineering, medical physics, and much more. To give you an idea of how diverse your choices may be, here is a list of career paths our biophysics majors have undertaken:

Biophysics sketch

  • M.D., UT Southwestern, 1999. Residency in Internal Medicine at University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham. Fellowship at Duke University in Gastroenterology.

  • Juris Doctor, Loyola University Chicago School of Law 1998. Admitted to bar 1998, Michigan; US District Court, Eastern District, 1999; US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 2000

  • SciPort Science Museum, Shreveport. M.D. Tulane Medical School 2005. Residency in Psychiatry at Duke University.

  • Ph.D. in Biophysics, MRI imaging, Medical College of Wisconsin, 2004. Postdoc at Vanderbilt University. Assistant Professor of Radiology, Vanderbilt University, 2007.

  • M.D., Louisiana State University Medical School, Shreveport, 2003. Residency at UT San Antonio, to 2007.

  • D.O., College of Osteopathic Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Regional sales manager for a company that provides products, services, and technology to the hydrocarbon processing industry, 1999.

  • MS, Biomedical Engineering, University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, Memphis. Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Temple University, 2007.

  • M.D. , University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, 2006. Residency in Anesthesiology, University of Texas Medical Branch.

  • M.S, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Rice University 2004. Field Clinical Engineer, Integra LifeSciences, 2006.

  • Ph.D. candidate, Department of Pharmacology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

  • MS, Medical Radiation Physics , Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago, 2005.

  • MS, Education, Centenary College of Louisiana

  • Registered Nurse, Willis Knighton Pierremont

  • M.D., Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Shreveport, 2007.

  • Ph.D. candidate, Biophysics, Scripps Research Institute, San Diego

  • Drilling fluids engineer, with Baroid Drilling

  • Master's program in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a 4-year program at the Five Branches Institute College and Clinic

  • Research Associate, Department of Biochemistry, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport, M.D. program, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport.

  • MS, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Rice University, 2007. PhD candidate Duke University.

  • MS, Molecular Neurobiology, UT San Antonio, 2007.

  • Active Treatment Team Coordinator, Northwest Development Center, Bossier City.

  • Physics high school teacher, Archbishop Chapelle, New Orleans, to 2006. Construction and management specialist, Kinder Morgan, New Orleans, to 2007. MS program in Medical Physics, LSU.

  • Research Associate, LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport. MS in Medical Physics, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center.

  • PhD candidate, Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, Baylor College of Medicine.

  • MD program, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport.

  • MD program, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport.