In January 2008, Centenary College embarked upon a yearlong celebration of its first 100 years in Shreveport-Bossier. Celebrations included a wide variety of events, programs, and projects conducted throughout 2008.

Read a special Centennial welcome from President Schwab and then find other features below...

Latest News

View a couple Gala slideshows

Take a look back to the November 15 Gala Celebration through a couple of slidehows.

Watch Centennial Gala video retrospective

Remember the November 15 Gala Celebration through this video retrospective.

Dr. Ken Schwab

President Schwab talks on KSLA about Centenary, the Centennial, and our success in the community.

Congressman Jim McCrery

Watch a video from Congressman Jim McCrery as he congratulates Centenary.

SB Magazine story

Centenary's Centennial was featured in the May 2008 issue of SB Magazine.

Centennial Showcase

Logic games and simple chemistry experiments attracted a handful of children to Centenary College's showcase at Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier City on Sunday.

More from the Shreveport Times:

Read the full story, or
view the Shreveport Times photo gallery.

SB Magazine photo layout

Take a look at a few thumbnail panels that SB Magazine has published in their April edition commemorating Centenary's centennial celebration.

Centenary Choir in Jackson, LA

On March 1st, 2008, over 150 enthusiastic alumni, family, and friends of the College attended a special performance by the Centenary College Choir at Old Centenary, the historic campus in Jackson, Louisiana. See the full photo and find out more.

The Big Event

As part of our centennial celebration, the Centenary community gave back by helping local homes in the Highland area. People from the community submitted requests to the college for help with household tasks like scraping and repainting shutters, raking, weeding, yard work, picking up trash, cleaning sidewalks, etc. Read the full story.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Watch the February 21 groundbreaking ceremony for Riggs Memorial Plaza and Leadership Fountain. The groundbreaking was part of Centenary's Homecoming week festivities this year.

Shreveport Times insert cover

Download a special insert from the Shreveport Times regarding Centenary's transformations through the years and its possibilities for the future.

Rep. Roy Burrell

Watch a video from Louisiana Rep. Roy Burrell as he congratulates Centenary.

Mayor Walker of Bossier City

Watch a video from Bossier City's Mayor Walker as he congratulates Centenary.

Centennial Movie

View the Centennial Movie.

First shown at the January 26 Centennial Fundraising Dinner, this 5 minute movie features a moving montage of Centenary images through our 100 years in the community.

Centennial Timeline

View a timeline of the Centenary's 100 years in the Shreveport-Bossier community.

Centenary in The Forum

Campus, Culture, Community

Centenary's 100 Years in Shreveport-Bossier is celebrated in the January 9th issue of The Forum.

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