United Methodist Church Relations at Centenary College

About Church Relations

Centenary College of Louisiana celebrates its connection with the United Methodist Church. The College embodies the spirit of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist tradition, in its emphases on scholarly inquiry, academic freedom, and spiritual growth. Centenary is a church-related institution, welcoming people from all religious traditions or no religious tradition, and committed to equipping all people for a meaningful life of service to others.

Centenary College of Louisiana’s Office of Church Relations, part of the Division of Advancement, serves as a bridge between the university and the United Methodist Church. In representing the church to the university, the staff serves to keep in focus the ethics and values of the United Methodist tradition as they relate to academic endeavors. When representing the university to the church, the staff promotes support for and understanding of the work of the university, its faculty, students, and staff.

Bringing the Church to the Academy

Reverend Eaves enjoys meeting with faculty, staff, and students to explore what it means to be part of a church-related institution. Reverend Eaves oversees religious life on campus, works closely with student leaders in campus ministry, with students in the Christian Leadership Center and travels with the Centenary College Choir when they tour and perform at churches throughout the region.

Bringing the Academy to the Church

Reverend Eaves is always interested in visiting churches for preaching, adult education, or meeting with interested groups to talk about Centenary College of Louisiana and the place of higher education in the life of the church.

More about the College's relationship to the Church

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