Marching Directions for May 9, 2009 Graduation

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The Fine Print

By Friday, May 8, the Registrarís Office will have determined which candidates have graduated this spring and will inform non-graduating seniors via email of their circumstances prior to the senior rehearsal. The latest version of all eligible candidates seeking to graduate is at reenrollment "2008-2009 Graduation Candidates." The final formal list of every person who has completed all degree requirements in 2008-2009 will be printed in the 2009 commencement program and posted to the commencement website on Friday May 8 at "2008-2009 Graduates."

Please note that strict academic policy permits only those students who have applied to graduate, been approved by the faculty and Board of Trustees, and completed all graduation requirements to march and/or participate in commencement activities. If a candidate has any unsatisfied requirements on May 8 (e.g., an incomplete grade, has not yet passed all of the MEd comps exams, etc.), she/he will not be allowed to march or graduate on May 9, 2009.

Every candidate who is determined to have graduated and plans to march, must assemble in the Gold Dome no later than 9:30am on Saturday, May 9. Signs and lists of names are posted in the Dome identifying each personís location in the marching order. Undergraduates line up and march by degree, except for Academic Honors recipients, who march together as a group. Masters graduates line up by degree. Upon arrival Saturday morning, candidates are to look for the signs indicating where their degree groups are located. The space for lining up is very tight. All graduates must arrive in time to find their exact places and to confirm their presence. If a graduate is not planning to march, that individual must notify the registrar in writing before May 5.* Please note that every graduate must be in line at the specific location no later than 10:00am to guarantee their opportunity to march and be publicly recognized. The provost reads only the names of those students for conferral who have been identified prior to 10:15am.

Rehearsal will be Friday, May 8 at 11:00am, in Brown Chapel. Undergraduates must attend. Mastersí graduates and baccalaureate graduates who no longer reside in this area, or who have work conflicts, are not expected to attend the rehearsal, though they are welcome.

Diploma Conferral Procedure

Please note the following protocol during the conferral ceremony on May 9:

  1. Appropriate outer dress for commencement: cap, gown, dark shoes; no jewelry, no corsages.
  2. Women may wear a white collar, if it is included in the regalia packet.
  3. The tassel is worn on the right front quarter of the mortarboard as students march; during the service at a designated time, all graduates shift the tassel to the left front corner.
  4. Men remove their mortarboards following the lead of the males on the platform party and do not replace them until the time arrives for the conferral of diplomas.
  5. Students may wear honor cords and/or a departmental tassel. Different caps and/or gowns and baccalaureate hoods are not permitted. Baccalaureate honors recipients wear a gold tassel.

Please note the following marching procedure:

  1. By 10:00am, graduating students line up in rows according to their appropriate groups. Baccalaureate honors candidates march first, in alpha order (first summa, then magna, cum laude). Following them, in alpha order, are the others: BA, BM, BS, MAT, MEd, MBA.
  2. At 10:00am you receive a card showing your name. You must present this card at the time you move to the platform during the conferral procedure (see steps 4-5 below).
  3. The Grand Marshal leads the procession promptly at 10:30. Remain standing for the invocation.

When the time comes to receive a diploma, candidates will

  1. Stand by rows and move via the aisle on the left to the stage when signaled to do so.
  2. Stop at the bottom of the stairs; present their cards to the official; climb the stairs.
  3. Wait at the top of the stairs until their names are read.
  4. Cross the stage upon hearing their name and advance to President Schwab to receive their diplomas.
  5. Exit the stage by the stairs on the right, pause for a photograph, then return to their seats.
  6. Remain standing in front of their seats until all of those in the row are directed by the Faculty Marshal to be seated.
  7. Following the benediction, march out in single file behind the faculty. Row #1 will lead the procession with the person in the center aisle exiting first.

With your letter stating you cannot attend, please include a mailing address and $15.00 check for postage and handling unless you plan to pick up your diploma in person at the Registrarís Office. If your diploma is misprinted, a corrected copy will be available free of charge by early or mid-July.