Senior Meeting Agendas

These meetings are conducted by Alumni Relations.

For more information contact: Saige Wilhite; Assistant Director Alumni Relations @ 869-5115 or email

Meeting 1: Tuesday, March 22nd, 11:10am (Mickle 114)

  • Introduction –

    • Alumni Association assists seniors in transitioning from student to alumnus

    • Mission Statement and Goals

  • Graduating Seniors 2010 website -

    • Important Reminders

    • Important Dates – Future meeting dates, cap & gown pick up, senior week activities, senior celebration for families, commencement, etc

    • Information about hotels coming in mail soon – tell your parents!

    • Keeping the Alumni Office Updated

    • One Way is through the alumni website, CONNECT! Join today!

  • Ways to stay involved after commencement – Chapters, returning for Homecoming, GOLD, CCN, CAN, financial support (more on this in meeting #2), keeping us updated about where you are, reading the e-newsletter

  • Open Nomination for Class Representative and Class Speaker – voting will take place in meeting #2

  • Brief explanation of all the nominations and voting that will take place over the course of all three meetings


Meeting 2: Tuesday, April 5th, 11:10am (Kilpatrick)

  • Review of Reminders / Old Business

    • Hear from Class Speaker Nominees

    • Vote for Class Speaker and Class Representative

    • Important Dates

    • Hotels – BOOK NOW! Should have received info in mail by now – if not, see Krystle


    • Keeping the Alumni Office Updated

  • Philanthropy 101 – FUN GAME and PRIZES!

  • Opportunity to give and sign up for WGA Society

  • Nominations for Toasters


Meeting 3: Tuesday, April 19th, 11:10am (Mickle 114)

  • Vote for Toasters (two seniors to toast class @ RFC Event) – to be calculated during the meeting and announced at end (COUNTERS NEEDED)

  • Review of Reminders/Old Business

    • Important Dates

    • Hotels – don’t forget to book!


    • Keeping the Alumni Office Updated

  • “When Reality Hits” – presentation by Elizabeth Everett

  • Announcement of Class Speaker, Class Representative and Toasters