About Us

Who We Are

The Christian Leadership Center (CLC) evolved from the College's Church Careers program, established in 1974. Originally conceived primarily as a curriculum for students called to careers within the church, the program has grown to embrace all students wishing to integrate their professional discernment with their faith. The CLC is an ecumenical, faith-based program committed to creating opportunities for Christian leadership development through the intersection of faith and academy. It is dedicated to theological study, innovative leadership training, interreligious and interdenominational dialogue, issues of peace and justice, spiritual formation and Christian discipleship. Together the Director of Professional Discernment and the Assistant Director of Christian Leadership lead the CLC program.

What We Offer

The Christian Leadership Center offers four programs that seek to nurture Christian leaders through innovative approaches to study, dialogue, and mission.

Undergraduate Program
Community Education
Annual Mission Opportunities

What We Believe

In keeping with Christís commandments to love God and neighbor, the Christian Leadership Center is committed to building bridges through open dialogue to find common ground in loving one another. We believe that Godís love, as exemplified by Jesus Christ, has immense power to heal, bring hope amid despair, and unite persons from diverse theological perspectives all through a commitment to loving others. We also hope that, through increased understanding and unified work for peace and justice, the Church can be an agent of reconciliation in the Twenty-first Century. Thus, a commitment to the commandments of loving both God and neighbor, not one or the other, is the core of the Centerís mission.

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