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Want to spread the word about the Christian Leadership Center's upcoming seminar with Brian McLaren? Want to host a small group study in preparation for the seminar? Just want to know more about Brian McLaren?

Learn About Brian McLaren

To learn more about the activist, author, and pastor Brian McLaren, visit his homepage: There, you can learn all about his books, bio, etc.

Spread the Word

Please use the resources below to share information about "Servant Leaders as Agents of Social Change: A Seminar with Brian McLaren" with your church community and beyond:

  • Text for your church bulletin: .doc | .pdf
  • Text for your church newsletter: .doc | .pdf
  • Press release: .pdf
  • Text for an email to share with friends: .doc | .pdf
  • PowerPoint slide to include in church announcements or other presentations: .ppt
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Host a Small Group

Brian McLaren's webpage offers these and other helpful resources for small groups reading through his books:

  • Study questions (.pdf) for his latest book A New Kind of Christianity, which our seminar will specifically address. You can also find easy links to order the book and download bonus chapters here.
  • McLaren teamed up with to make a video for each question he explores in A New Kind of Christianity—questions he believes are transforming the Christian faith—and you might enjoy using these short videos as chapter summaries to begin small group gatherings about the book. Here's his video about Question 4: The Jesus Question. . . .

A New Kind of Christianity

McLaren has provided helpful media about his latest book, A New Kind of Christianity:

  • McLaren wrote a summary of A New Kind of Christianity at The Huffington Post.
  • With, McLaren made a short video about each of the ten questions he explores in A New Kind of Christianity.

Others have also written and spoken about the the book:

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