During the academic term, students spend four hours per week for ten weeks (forty hours per semester) engaged in hands-on, practical ministry. Students are assigned a mentor from a local congregation or service organization who gives direction and encouragement to the student. Together, student and mentor set learning goals, and at the end of each semester, student and mentor evaluate the internship experience.

Information and Forms

Internship Agreement and Contract

Mentors and interns complete Internship Agreement and Accountability Contract together. It is due at the beginning of the Fall semester. The intern is responsible for turning the contract in on time.

Weekly Time Log

Interns must turn in hours weekly with the CLC office. This time log keeps a record of the weekly hours the intern has spent in his/her internship. Interns should average a total of 40 hours per semester in their internship. Posted hours are due each Thursday during class.

Mentor/Intern Evaluations

The mentor and intern evaluate the internship together two times a year. In December please fill out the Mid-year Evaluation - Intern and the Mid-year Evaluation - Mentor together. At the end of the Spring semester (May) please meet together again and fill out the Internship Annual Evaluation. The evaluations include self evaluations and mentor and intern evaluations. This gives you an opportunity to evaluate the internship experience and your personal role in the relationship. These forms are due at the end of each semester. and the intern is responsible for submitting the forms at those times.

Other useful bits of information

For more information regarding Internships please contact

Maegan Daigle,
Assistant Director
Christian Leadership Center