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The Christian Leadership Center is a co-curricular program for full-time Centenary students who desire to integrate their vocational decision with their faith. The CLC offers leadership training to students who want to combine their academic and career interests with their passion for ministry. Through fellowship in community, theological reflection, hands-on internships, mission opportunities, and small group accountability, Christian Leadership Center students encounter ways they can offer their life to God that merges passion with calling.

"My experience at Centenary would not
be the same if I had not been a part of this program."

- Mara Cumberland, current student

"Warning: This organization will challenge you to live into what God has called you to be and impact those around with you the hope of the Gospel."
- Michael Jarboe, 2010 graduate

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Our CLC class is an academic environment for students to engage the yearly topic through interactive discussions, hands-on experiences, worship, and innovative lectures. Each Thursday evening, we design a totally new event for students to experience creative programming and a relevant message to train and nurture Christian leaders of the 21st Century.

We emphasize the importance of accountability by requiring all CLC students to commit to a weekly small group led by an adult Christian leader in the community. In these groups, students study, pray, and discuss issues relevant to faith formation.

Hands-on experience is central to discovering your life's calling. Our internship program connects CLC students to local churches, social-service agencies, and campus ministry programs. Student benefit from building relationships with mentors and exploring their passions and gifts through practical application.

It is challenging to know what you believe, much less articulate that to someone else. That is why CLC requires students to discuss a variety of topics relating to the Christian faith with trained theologians on staff. Through Credo Exploration, students engage in theological discussion that nurtures their faith and encourages confident spirituality.

Community is formed through shared experiences. CLC requires all students to attend retreat following the first week of classes in August. Students love the atmosphere, the worship, and the guest speaker sessions that challenge their faith.

Missio means "to send." CLC encourages students to participate in an off-site mission experience where they are to send God's love, peace, and compassion to others. CLC and the Chaplain's office offers local, regional, and international mission opportunities. Learn more...

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