Centenary Gives Back! Archive

Fall 2008 through Spring 2009

Individual Students

William Takewell, Centenary Sophomore, served as a Junior Counselor at the Louisiana Association of Student Council’s (LASC) 2008 Summer Workshop in Natchitoches, LA on the campus of Northwestern State University. High school and middle school students from all over the state of Louisiana attend the workshop each summer to learn leadership and life skills to help improve their schools in the coming months.

“I chose to serve in this capacity, because I liked to educate young leaders on not only how to be more effective in student council leadership, but effective citizens as well. It is an amazing opportunity to reach out to high school and jr. high students alike, and you can really tell they appreciate it tremendously.” -William Takewell

Daniel Martin, Centenary Junior, serves as volunteer varsity wrestling coach at Byrd High School. He has been serving in this position for 3 years.

Aleksandra Kasztalska, Centenary Junior, served during the summer of 2008 (July-August), as a volunteer at the Noor Women’s Association in Tucson, Arizona. It is a local non-profit organization that helps new refugees, usually from the Middle East area, to settle down and start their lives anew.

“I chose to volunteer at Noor because I am also an immigrant and I understand, to some extend, the hardships associated with moving to a foreign country. I am also fascinated with language and I hope to pursue a degree in linguistics, which is why I wanted to help someone with their language skills.” -Aleksandra Kasztalska

Jennifer Luckey, Centenary Freshman, volunteered to read a poem at a ceremony dedicated to those who have lost the battle against domestic violence sponsored by the YWCA.

“The poem not only moved me, but I think it really inspired others in the room that are fighting domestic violence, or have lost loved ones to domestic violence.” -Jennifer Luckey

Emily Deen, Centenary Freshman, has volunteered as a camp counselor at the Louisiana Lions Camp for Crippled Chilren (LLCCC) for the past 3 summers. The camp is located near Leesville, LA and provides an opportunity to give children of variable physical handicaps a place to go to have fun, stay safe, and attend summer camp like so many other children.

"I work at the Lions Camp because it's a wonderful way to meet new people and rediscover yourself. The children who come to Lions Camp are amazingly witty and have big hearts, and the staff becomes like a family over the seven weeks." -Emily Deen

Garrett Vick, Centenary Junior, along with his sister Elizabeth and brother Thomas volunteered over the Christmas break as Salvation Army Bell Ringers outside Beall's Dept Store in Paris, Texas.

Student Athletes

The 2008-2009 Centenary Baseball Team has given back to the community in a few ways already this year.

Many of the baseball players participated in the MDA/Jerry Lewis Telethon in August.

In September some of them assisted in helping to make the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk/5K Run successful by volunteering on the day of the event. They helped both the older participants and children by setting up before the race, organizing the refreshments, and cleaning up after the day's events were complete.

As a team, they also helped to complete another great year of Coach McCann's Fall Baseball Camp. The camp aims to teach underprivelged youth the game of baseball, while showing them what it takes to be successful in life, and then explaining to the younger participants why its so important for them to do well in school.

The 2008-2009 Centenary Softball Team finds time out of their off season schedule to volunteer for those in need. This year’s stint of community service projects began with a visit to Shreveport’s local Providence House.

While at The Providence House, the Ladies took part in assisting the cafeteria staff during dinner with needed responsibilities. Several members worked together to serve dinner to those in need, while others made dinner plates, filled drinks, and washed dishes during their visit.

“The Providence House is a worthwhile organization for this community. We have had the privilege of being able to volunteer for them in the past and we look forward to helping out in anyway we can in the near future." -Centenary Head Softball Coach Mark Montgomery.

After returning from Thanksgiving break, the Centenary Ladies softball team found time to once again give back to the community of Shreveport for its third service project in less than a month when they visited the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank.

As a yearly tradition, the Ladies took part in assisting this food bank in hopes of providing food to local families who are in need for the holiday season. While volunteering their time, they sorted food items into categories: dry, canned, beverages, and condiments. When the items were sorted, the Ladies boxed and packaged the food, which were then placed on a truck and shipped out for good use.

“Giving back to this specific food bank is something we have always enjoyed doing. It allows us to become involved in the community of Shreveport and help families in need during the holiday.” -Senior Softball Player Allison McClain.

Greek Organizations

The Ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha have made giving back to the local community a priority in their chapter. Below are a list of some of the service projects that the chapter participated in over the past several months:

  • Think Pink T-shirts: Each ZTA tried to sell 5 Think Pink T-shirts to raise money for the ZTA Foundation to support breast cancer awareness on Centenary’s campus, as well as to ZTA alums & family members.
  • Race for the Cure Setup Help: ZTA members gathered Friday afternoon to help setup booths and aid in the Race For the Cure Setup. They also partcipated in the Race for the Cure breakfast and the actual race itself.
  • Collection of Yoplait Lids for Live: Collection containers and posters are advertised all over Centenary’s campus. There was a pledge class competition to see which pledge class could collect most lids.
  • Best Buddies Program Volunteers: Several Zetas are members of the Best Buddies Organization on Centenary’s campus. Best Buddies is a program that matches each member with a mentally handicapped buddy to meet with, send cards to, call, etc. over the course of their involvement in the program.
  • Tutoring at Providence House: ZTA members took turns volunteering to tutor underprivileged children at The Providence House in Shreveport. The Providence House is a program that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homeless in the Shreveport community.
  • Goodwill Donation: Zetas donated their old summer and fall clothes as well as the collection of clothes in the ZTA lost & found to the Northwest Louisiana Goodwill.
  • Cans Across America Food Drive: Zetas supplied cans for the food drive held in the Centenary Cafeteria. The canned goods went to the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank.
  • Christmas Present Collection: Every year the Beta Iota Zetas collect Christmas presents and school supplies for ZTA Beta Iota Alum, Katie Loomis’s 2nd grade class. Katie teaches at Caddo Heights, an underprivileged school in Shreveport, where the children do not often have school supplies or Christmas presents.
  • The Pool of Siloam: Some of the Pre-Med senior Zetas volunteer on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Pool of Siloam, a local charity clinic for people who cannot afford insurance, medicine, or cannot afford to see a doctor.

Zeta Tau Alpha & Chi Omega Swap - Centenary's Panhellnic Council brought members of both sororities together to make smores & collect pasta & canned goods for the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank. To emphasize we were all sisters, a competition was divided into pledge classes that included both sororities instead of dividing the partcipants by sorority.

Christian Leadership Center

Belize Mission Trip partcipants included Centenary students Dane Chambers, Michelle Junot, Ashley Mcguire, Robert Mcguire, Rachel McConnell-Switzer, Ethan Mott, Meg Shanks, Betsy Eaves (Centenary College chaplain), Laura Vaughan (staff), Helen Feild (alum), Ashlie Junot (alum), Chris Hilbun (Friend of College), and Tiffany Holland (Meg Schanks Interpreter).

Fuller Build participants included Centenary students Mary Guerrant, Jordan Williams, Garrett Vick, Riane Frasher, and Laura Vaughan (Staff).

St. Luke's Pumpkin Patch participants included Centenary student Matt Keus.

Noel's Giving Factory participants included Centenary students Mary Guerrant, Jordan Williams, Garrett Vick, Kayla Tibaldo, Riane Frasher, Anna Connell, Laura Neville, Laura Martinez, Jennifer Pearson (Staff), and Laura Vaughan (Staff).


Centenary Graduates Of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) Alumni Group Gives Back!
On October 5, 2008 the Centenary G.O.L.D. alumni group volunteered at the Red River Revel Arts Festival. The Red River Revel Arts Festival celebrates the arts with more than 100 visual artists from across the country, four performance stages that feature live music and a large area dedicated specifically to providing arts education for children.
For this year’s Revel 12 alumni volunteers sold coupons at various coupon locations.

“We organized this volunteering opportunity because a group of older alumni have previously volunteered in years past and passed the torch to us. We thought it would be a way for the young alumni group to come together and give back to the community. Looking back it was a good experience because we were able to get the word out about Centenary and represent the school as well.” -Saige Wilhite (’05), Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

The Centenary Alumni Atlanta Chapter, coordinated a canned food drive during their Holiday Alumni Party. All the food that was collected was donated to MUST Ministries a local Atlanta non profit organization. When asked why they did it the overwhelming response was "It's important for us to give back to the community that we live in."

Marty Vaughn, Centenary 1966 Alum, of Jonesville, Texas was one of 35 Texas Methodists who recently armed more than 700,000 children with life-saving nets that will enable them to fight malaria. The November 11-15 distribution, for children age 5 and younger, was the first ever integrated health campaign in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.

Of her experiences Marty says, “the cooperation among the Ivoirian citizens, the Ministry of Health, other partnering organizations, local volunteers and our Texas team helped make the effort a successful one. It was exciting to be the part of the lifesaving effort and to represent the Texas Conference and those who have so generously donated to the Nothing But Nets Program.” -Marty Vaughn ('66)