Volunteerism at Centenary

The Office of Community actively works to promote volunteerism by connecting students to a host of ideas for service and opportunities to serve.

Northwest Louisiana Volunteer Center

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The Northwest Louisiana Volunteer Center is a program of the United Way, and opened in April 2009 to foster the spirit of civic engagement in Northwest Louisiana by connecting and enabling agencies and volunteers.

The Volunteer Center puts volunteers in touch with agencies that need them the most. In order to provide the best experience for both agency and volunteer, volunteers' skills and preferences are matched against the many opportunities available to provide the "best volunteer match". The Volunteer Center also provides trainings and seminars to give volunteers the skills they need to be effective in their community.

Volunteer Center Links

Have an opportunity you want advertised? Download, complete, and fax this form to the Volunteer Center!

For a list of on-going volunteer opportunities, click here.