Facility Scheduling Policy

New price list in effect as of September 1, 2014.

  1. Private Property: Centenary College is an open campus; however, all Centenary College buildings, facilities, property, etc. is private property owned by the institution. The college rents the use of its facilities and other assets for special events to generate revenue to support operations.

  2. Facility Use Fees: Facilities available for rent can be found on the Available Facilities page. The cost of each facility can be found on the Rental Pricing page. Facility use fees include normal room arrangement or set-up of furniture, tables and chairs, A/V equipment (if available), and regular cleaning and custodial services.

  3. Facility Scheduling: All facility use is scheduled through the Community Services office located in room B-101 in the Wright Math Building, email, or 318.869.5778. On-campus organizations, groups, or individuals wishing to book a venue must use the online Active Data Events/Facilities Calendar. It is solely the organization’s responsibility to include accurate details and requests for all resources and set-ups though the calendar (venues, times, tables, chairs, microphones, security, etc.). Non-campus organizations wishing to rent Centenary facilities must contact Community Services directly. Facilities will be reserved only after the Security/Cleaning Deposit has been paid and the Facility Use Agreement has been accepted.

  4. Insurance: Proof of liability insurance is required for all off-campus organizations using any Centenary facility. A copy of the certificate of insurance (and the 501(c)(3) certificate for non-profit groups) is required in the Community Services office at least two weeks before the event. A special event policy is available for groups without liability insurance through the Community Services office.

  5. Discounts: Other than the alumni/employee Brown Chapel policy, only legally documented 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for a 50% discount off Facility Use Fees. All non 501(c)(3) groups, individuals, or organizations must pay the published price.

  6. Security/Cleaning Deposit: A refundable security/cleaning deposit of 25% of the total amount due, or a minimum of $100.00, is required to cover any damages and/or extra cleaning of the facilities resulting from use. This deposit is in addition to the Facility Use Fee, it will be refunded after the event provided no damages are incurred. Facilities are expected to be in like-found condition after use in order to receive deposit refund.

  7. Lead Time: All scheduling should take place with sufficient notice or lead time prior to the date of the event. Needed facilities, equipment, and food service may not be available on short notice.

  8. Facility Priority: Scheduling of facilities for college use takes priority over outside groups. Academic scheduling takes precedence over all other facilities scheduling on campus.

  9. Bynum Commons: All Bynum Commons facilities are scheduled by the Community Services office.

  10. Catered Events: All catering at Centenary must be provided by Sodexo Catering Services, the college’s contracted exclusive on-site provider. All catering and menu selection must be booked through the Community Services office at least two weeks prior to the event. To facilitate food purchases, the deadline for a final count on number of attendees is seven days prior to the event; this is the minimum number the organization will pay for. The cost per person will increase 10% for additional attendees added after the deadline. All invoicing for non-campus organization catering will come from Community Services.

  11. Alcohol: Centenary Alcohol Policies and regulations can be found on the Alcohol Policies page. All events with alcohol served must strictly follow the policies. Only pre-approved vendors are allowed to serve alcohol on campus property and must be booked through the Community Services office.

  12. Residence Halls: The Community Services office schedules the use of residence halls during the summer conference period giving priority to summer term students housed on campus by the Assistant Dean of Students and/or Residence Life.

  13. Brown Chapel: Brown Memorial Chapel is reserved for weddings on a first come first served basis by the Community Services office. Current students, faculty, staff, and alumni are eligible for a 50% discount on the published price. Insurance and a 25% deposit are required for all weddings. Details and guidelines on weddings at Centenary can be found on the wedding page.

  14. Extra Services Costs: Organizations will be required to pay for extra services which includes security (coordinated with Centenary DPS); extra, after hours, significant, or weekend custodial or cleaning services (before or after the event); catering (coordinated through Community Services with Sodexo); extraordinary, after hours, or weekend set-ups (i.e. room arrangement, tables, chairs, tents, etc.); facility coordinators—on-site personnel familiar with the facilities or equipment (especially after hours or on weekends); linens or table cloths (non-catered events; linens are included in catered events); pipe and draping; loss of keys (if keys are checked out); extraordinary electrical or A/V needs; overtime of any required Centenary employees or contractors; on-campus lodging; etc. Extra Services Costs will be noted in the Facility Use Agreement prior to the event when possible, however there is no guarantee that all costs can or will be noted or invoiced beforehand since not all needs or wants are recognized until the event is in progress. Demands for much more than was originally asked for and agreed upon are common immediately before events when awareness of true needs or changes in wishes arise. The individual or organization is legally responsible for all Extra Services Costs as determined by Community Services.

  15. Parking: Parking at Centenary can be a difficult issue when classes are in session or during large events. Significant available parking cannot be guaranteed for any event; however, Centenary DPS will endeavor to guide traffic flow and/or reserve available parking spots as requested.

  16. Payment: Full payment of all known costs is required prior to any event. Full payment includes the Security/Cleaning Deposit, the Facility Use Fees, and any prescribed Extra Services Costs. If the event incurs additional Extra Services Costs, the individual or organization will be invoiced after the event and the total must be paid in full within two weeks of receipt of the invoice. Payment can be made in person at the Community Services office or via mail:
    Centenary College Community Services
    2911 Centenary Blvd.
    Shreveport, LA 71104
    Checks should be made out to Centenary College. A $50 in-house charge in addition to any bank charges will be incurred for any returned checks.

  17. Contact Person: Each event and/or organization must supply the office of Community Services with at least two points of contact with mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. One person must be designated the lead contact person and decision maker. This individual will be responsible for all contact and planning with the office of Community Services to avoid duplication of requests or confusion in planning. All Contact Persons are personally responsible for assuring that all payments are made as required.

  18. User Definitions: Two types of individuals, groups, or organizations use/rent Centenary facilities: Centenary and non-Centenary. Centenary users are current employees, students, clubs, organizations, or programs directly recognized and supported by Centenary College. While some facilities have specific overriding policies, Centenary users generally do not pay Facility Use Fees as long as the use is directly related to an official Centenary program or regular student organization meeting or event. Centenary employees, students, organizations, programs, departments, or divisions wishing to sponsor an on-campus meeting or event that is not directly related to an official Centenary program or regular student organization meeting or event may be eligible to receive a 50% discount on Facility Use Fees for the meeting or event only if the sponsor(s) is directly and intricately involved in the sponsored organization and event. The office of Community Services will determine discount eligibility in scenarios not specifically defined in the Facility Use Policies.