Convocations and Sponsored Events

The Convocation Program, overseen by the Convocations Committee, brings speakers to campus to help foster a lively intellectual and artistic culture. The campus reserves the first Thursday of each month (excluding December, January, and May) during the academic year from 11:10 a.m. to 12:10 pm as the Convocation Hour. During the Convocation Hour, no other events may be scheduled on campus by faculty, staff, or students, with the exception of official Board of Trustees meetings and academic classes that begin at noon. All campus offices are urged to close for the Convocation Hour with the exception of those providing essential or emergency services.


15-16 The Challenges
16-17 Live a Meaningful Life
17-18 Expand Our Circle
18-19 Create a Sustainable World
19-20 Live a Meaningful Life
And so on. . .

2015-16 Convocations Schedule

Theme: The Challenges

September 27: Steve Desjardins and Mark Goadrich, "The Self-Organization of Phenomena from Life to Consciousness to Culture." (Demerath)

September 21-25: Woodrow Wilson Fellow: Florence Reed

September: Stephen Watson, "Concentrations: An Intentional Display of Aromatic Spices." (Nicoletti)

October: Religion Matters

Ron Athey (Dew)

Jeremy Biles (Dew)

November: The Van Thyn Lectureship

January: Dream Week

Not funded by the Convocations Committee

January: Thomas Boghart (Fulwider)

February: The Forum (Chen and Ciocchetti)

The Existence of God

Jonathan Auch, Wasteland: Charcoal in Haiti. (Nicoletti) (Feb-May)

March: The Corrington Award

March: The Christian Leadership Center's Fundraising Dinner

Not funded by the Convocations Committee

Find out more about how to submit and assess convocations on Convocations Committee webpage.