CAREER Credit Courses

Many courses in our academic catalog meet the criteria for CAREER credit ó for example, professional internships, student teaching, and mentored research activities. In general, such courses already combine substantive academic content with significant career-related experiences and serve as a bridge between workplace expectations and the liberal arts education students receive at Centenary.

These are the current academic courses designated as meeting the CAREER (CA) requirements for credit toward the Trek graduation requirement. They carry the co-requisite CA 250 or 251 to record CAREER credit.

ART 400. Art Independent Internship

BIOL 204. Cell Biology

BUSN 400 | FIN 400 | ECON 400 | ACCT 400. Frost School Internships

COMM 473. Communication Senior Seminar

CSC 400. Computer Science Internship

PSC 208. Intro to Law

MUS 400. Music Internship

REL 200. Christian Leadership Internship

THEA 444. The Business of Show Business

For Faculty:

Questions to consider when determining if the course proposed has a strong Career component:

  • What career experiences will the students undertake and how will this benefit them? Students should gain direct, practical training that is not theoretical but prepares them to make seamless transition from college to their chosen careers.

  • How will students practically apply the knowledge they acquire through the coursework? How will the work experiences prepare them for professional careers?

  • How will the students reflect on the experienceóby writing a paper, journal, or portfolio, or by participating in discussion groups organized by Career Services? The reflection should offer evidence that the students have analyzed and synthesized the experience.

  • How will this experience encourage the students to think critically about the career culture under study and not merely memorize facts?

  • What faculty or staff mentor will represent the academic interests of the College and assess whether or not the students have achieved CAREER credit?

  • What texts will the students read?

  • How will the students be graded? The syllabus must at least require a graded resume appropriate to the student's chosen field.

To submit your course for CAREER credit, fill out the CA Credit Course Proposal Form and send to Professional Discernment at email: